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                 Center of General Education


      The  philosophies  of  teaching,  upheld  by  the  center  of  general  education,  include  abilities  to communicate  and  think,  to  observe  international situations, and to have insight into history, etc.  In addition  to  some  fundamental  abilities our students have possessed,  our center increases the related training courses which they really lacked to meet their actual demands. In doing so,  our  students  will live so well, happily and freely that they become sound holistic men.
These core values we are dedicated in comprise:

1. Ability of expressing clearly our national language
2. Ability of having at least one foreign language to communicate
3. Ability of using information high-tech, especially digital database.
4. Humanistic faith in life philosophy and education
5. Sound ideas for ecology conservation and environmental ethics
6. Accomplishments of life arts and social etiquette

     The  center  of  general  education  consists  of some teaching research groups as those of Chinese, English,  Social Sciences,  Natural Sciences,  Arts and Sports.  Our goals, in the future,  will focus on organizational trim and streamline, improvement of teaching equipment and environment, upgrade for teacher’s teaching quality and skill, enrichment in e-teaching, etc. Devotion to construct positively a grand  vision  of  brilliant  development  and  an  outstanding  characteristic of technical & vocational education fit for students in eastern Taiwan are our goals as well.

      Besides  a  variety  of  vocational  profession  educations,  our  school  also  put  stress upon both professional  techniques  and general education,  hoping to enable students to bring up those superior traditions  in  accordance with our school motto”Chen-Yi-Jing-Shi Shu-De-Jian-Xiu“.  Since 2002 from every May to June, a series of activities of Dahan Art Festival has been held by our center and the number of presentation  has  amounted to  more  than  eighty,  including  some  high-level  music performances  and  topic  lectures.  The Dahan Art Festival not only has become an originally unique campus  artistic  presentation  in  eastern  Taiwan,  but also has been regarded as a vital education in shaping student’s character in our school.

    The aims of general education, amended and passed by the committee of general education in our school on the 2nd semester of the 98th academic year, are as follows:

1.  To develop comprehensive general education course designs with local characteristics
2.  To implement Holistic education and to create a friendly learning environment.
3.  To cultivate pragmatic philosophy of life for students to increase their cares and loves for society.
4.  To plan ideal and sound course outlines and to enhance student’s learning achievements.




Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C