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                 Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management

  The department aims to get a good reputation and provide students more employment opportunities. We have signed cooperation agreements with 80 companies in the industry, such as well-known restaurants, fitness centers, kayaks, travel agencies, and souvenir shops in Hualien County. There has been an increasing number of cooperation companies every year.

Educational goals

  We are committed to developing professional competence, professional practice and responsibility awareness.  Major courses include professional management courses, such as “Leisure and Recreation” and “Tourism and Catering”.  And we look forward to the future development of the following characteristics:

‧ Cultivate business leaders, professionals and scholars with advanced cognition and ethical thinking.
‧ Innovate new technologies and business strategies through cooperation and integrate academic and industry partnerships.
‧ Provide industry consulting and public policy consulting services to meet the changing needs of the Hualien area.

  The characteristics of this department are to integrate the fields of "leisure, recreation, tourism, and catering” in the vocational and technical system of the East Coast.  We are Responsible for training professionals in the management of leisure tourism industry in the eastern region.

  Localization of curriculum development: The curriculum planning and design takes the needs of the tourism industry into consideration, focusing on the fields of leisure, health planning, cultural creativity, activities and leisure, sightseeing tours, catering cooking and hotel management.

  At the same time, the Department cooperates with the Vocational Training Bureau, Labor Committee, and Aboriginal Clubs, offering local business cadres and employees a variety of on-job training courses in knowledge of service operation management and skills, to obtain relevant licenses and to improve the ability and quality of local service management personnel.  The effort further enhances the competitiveness of the eastern tourism and leisure industry.

  In accordance with the agreement of the Course Planning Committee of the Department, the main theme was identified as "cultivating middle-level managers and practitioners of the relevant tourism industry." To achieve this, students are required to be equipped with the following competences:
(1) Professional management ability
(2) Information processing and application capabilities
(3) Teamwork and social responsibility practice ability
(4) Innovation ability
(5) International and local views
(6) Cultural cognitive ability of ethnic groups

The special features of our courses
(1) Off-campus internship: We arrange for senior students to practice in the companies as interns.
(2) Commentary training: Students are trained to become ecological narrators.
(3) License threshold: We encourage and help students obtain licenses that are competitive in the labor market.

Future Careers:

  The department is located in the environment of sightseeing, attracting a large of number of tourists flock to Hualien.  Leisure tourism-related industries are booming.  There is an extreme shortage of leisure talents.  The job market prospects are promising.  Our department focuses on leisure expertise, excellence, collaboration and international perspective.  Students can pursue a wide range of careers in travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, airlines, resorts, marketing departments, national parks, scenic spots, theme parks and many other leisure services.  After graduation, students can also choose postgraduate degrees in leisure and tourism in Taiwan or other countries.




Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C