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                 Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor
    The department of mechanical engineering was founded in 1977 as a part of school for 5-year junior college. It was promoted to become the technology institute in 1999 to recruit students offering programs of 2-year and 4-year universities, night-time 2-year and 4-year universities, and 2-year college. Based on the development of industrial automation trend, the mechanical department was approved to be named as the department of mechatronic technology in 2006, mainly devoting to cultivating students’ technological skills with emphasis on professional level practice. But to meet the current development of precision machinery and basic requirement of mechanical engineering fields, it was renamed back as department of mechanical engineering in August of 2010 to offer the programs of 4-year university. The department’s goal is to generate an environment for students to learn and to cultivate students with great skills to meet the requirement of industry standard. In order to support our programs, well-equipped laboratories and workshops have been established, such as precision manufacturing lab (EDM, micro EDM),  mechatronic control lab, CNC manufacturing lab, computer control lab, electro-mechanical lab, and various machine shops, etc. We also established a research and teaching center of high precision granite components, machinery, and instruments rooted for eastern Taiwan’s industries, and the development of high precision machinery and instrument for the micro-scale range precision machine. The core courses offered by the department can be catalogized into two major areas: (A) precision machinery and manufacturing (computer-integrated design & manufacturing, precision granite mechanism), and (B) automation and mechatronic technology (pneumatic & hydraulic control, sensing, motion control technology). Earning national vocational certificates for students are especially emphasized in the regular and complementary training courses. We believe that providing professional engineering knowledge and training disciplines and skills for students to obtain professional certificates are ways to educate students as qualified and successful engineers in the long run.
Research Focus:
The current research and development for our department can be described as follows:
  1. Precision manufacturing technologies stressing on non-traditional manufacturing, precision measurement, and fabrication.
  2. Precision granite components, machinery, and instruments.
  3. Machine tools industry, traditional and non-traditional machining, computer aided design and manufacturing, mechanism design and analysis.
  4. Automatic control, motion control, and intelligent industrial automation.
  5. Pneumatic control & hydraulic control system, sensing and mechatronic integration.



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