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                 The Library and Information Center

The Dahan Institute of Technology merged the Computer Center and the Library into the Library and Information Center in 2008 (henceforward abbreviated as the Center) with a view to meeting the burgeoning needs spawned by the rapid growth of information, library resources and the need for restructuring of organization. The Center was set up as a first-rank administrative unit while restructuring the Library into the Library Management Section.  The  commitment  and team  spirit of  all the staff members of the Center(the director-Lin Ming-Huei) are to provide the faculty and students with both satisfactory resources of library collection  and  an  easy access to them and a convenient networking environment tailored specifically to teaching, research and administration.

The Library and Information Center is responsible for:

1. Programming and maintenance of campus terminal network.

2. Management and maintenance of accounts of the faculty, staffs and students.

3. Maintenance of mainframe and other network-related service.

4. Installation and maintenance on campus-wide computing network.

5. Management and maintenance of computer classrooms.

6. Provision of computer-related waste materials.

7. Educational training.

8. Administrative management and other support services.

9. Intelligence property protection services.

10. Information security and controlling services.

11. Development and maintenance of Institute administrative

12. Installation and maintenance of distance teaching system.

13. Other items related to system development.

14. Circulation, acquisition and collection.

15. Maintenance of automated system management of library collection.

16. Construction and maintenance of library’s webpage.

17. Database management of library collection and extension service.

18. Reference materials counseling services.

19. Inter-library cooperation services.

20. Call for papers and their publication on Dahan Journal.

21. Enhancing the education of using the library and other related affairs.

In order to provide the faculty, staff and students with a good teaching and learning environment, the  Center  devises middle-term developmental strategies focusing on strengthening information facilities and efficient library resources, the details of which are given in the following:

1. Improvement of computer-related teaching facilities.

2. (1)Establishment of a wireless networking environment.

    (2)Establishment of a fine security environment of the campus network.

3. Establishment of a fine electronicized teaching environment.

4. Establishment of a multi-media distance learning and distance education platform.

5. System integration of campus computers for administrative use.

6. Continual supplementation of e-books and electronic database

7. Integration of hardware and software resources of the campus to achieve  resource-sharing.

8. Activation  of  information  educational  training  to  enhance  the faculty  members’

    capability for the production of e-learning materials.

9. Establishment  of  certification  and  examination center to provide accessibility for young

    students in Eastern Taiwan.






Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C