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R&D office

A R&D Office chief is to be hired to comprehensively manage the academic research and development of the school and integrate the business of various R&D centers. It is also possible to set up an innovation breeding center, a vocational training center, a disaster prevention research center in the eastern region, an jewelry and jade research center, and a precision manufacturing research center, each with one director. The R&D office promotes business as follows:

(1) Consolidate the school's various industry-academic cooperation plans, educational cooperation plans, and other related businesses.

(2) To handle vocational training and industry-university cooperation plans.

(3) To handle the research plan of privately-run & state-run institutions.

(4) Apply for various licenses, trainings, verifications, etc.

(5) Handle students' off-campus internships and employment counseling

(6) Conducting surveys on graduate employment, further studies, etc.

(7) Handle campus recruitment and employment seminars, etc.

(8) Handle related business of our school's alumni association.

(9) Handling patent projects and technology transfer.

(10) Other related promotion education, industry-university cooperation and off-campus internship, etc.




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