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                 Accounting Office

The Accounting Office manages accounting business-related affairs based on “The Accounting Regulations for Private Schools”. And it bulletins related information publicly and fairly.  In order to achieve the inward and outward missions, the targets of the office are to set up a perfect accounting system, the standard operation procedures, and automation. The outward mission is to report related accounting statements to the Ministry of Education regularly, providing financial supervision and evaluation references. The inward mission is to provide the President and the Board of Directors with the management statements, which are to be the references to the development of administrative affairs.

The Office computerizes its accounting information system in coordination with the Ministry of Education’s. And it advances the budget system to make the capital utilization and administrative development reasonable and in order.

The staff duties are as follows:

Accounting Director (Miss. Chen Wun-Jyuan)

1. Integrating accounting-related business

2. Making and supervising annual budget plans and financial statements

3. Drawing up staged financial plans of administrative development

4. Handling the audit of financial statements

5. Establishing accounting system and financial regulations

6. Inspecting and auditing the finance of the Institute and inner control system

7. Governing purchase and property check

Accounting Clerk (Miss. Jiang Jhun-Fang)

1. Controlling kinds of budgets

2. Auditing income and payment documents

3. Filling and submitting pension fund information

4. Managing and filing documents

5. Collecting and editing annual budget

6. Making vouchers of income and payment

7. Making all kinds of financial statements

8. Filing and keeping account books, accounting reports, and invoices

9. Others






Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C