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                 Office of General Affairs 

The Office of General Affairs(Dean- Jheng, Yong-Hua) is a supporting unit that provides facilities and various administrative services for the school to meet the needs of teaching, researching and living. There were originally four sub-divisions of the OGA, inclusive of General Affairs (Archive merged), Construction and Maintenance & Environmental Safety, Archive, Cashier, Property Maintenance. These divisions take responsibility for providing various professional services to the whole school including campus construction, landscaping, purchasing, archive maintenance, property safekeeping and campus security, etc. In 2020, February 1st, four divisions were simplified into two sections- General Affairs & Construction and Maintenance & Environmental Safety Section, Cashier & Property Maintenance Section respectively.

Division of works:

1. General Affairs

A. Purchasing.

B. Landscaping

C. Maintenance crew and facility management.

D. Campus security keeping.

E. Campus entrance control and traffic control.

F. Security back-up for major celebrations.

G. Document management such as document register, delivery, and  checking.

H. Seals safekeeping and files management.

I. Files sorting and cataloging.

J. Postal management.

2. Construction and Maintenance & Environmental Safety

A. Planning and execution for campus construction projects

B. Outsourcing management, public bidding, building construction and  inspection.

C. Campus facilities maintenance.

D. Management  and  maintenance for utilities including water, electricity, air conditioning,  telephone, and fire  control systems.

E. To supervise campus security and janitors, promote environmental protection,  education training and safety drills, etc.

F. To provide environmental safety, injury prevention programs, and emergency response programs.

G. To investigation, analysis and statistics of occupational hazards.

H. To supervise environmental safety and inspection facilities


A. Revenue receiving.

B. Tuitions and management for miscellaneous expenses.

C. Disbursement and revenue accountancy.

4. Division of Property Management:(Chief- Chen Hai-Min)

A. Property and facilities management.

B. Meeting place lease management

C. Housing loan assistance for officers and teachers.






Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C