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                 Office of Student Affairs


There are five divisions, one committee and one office in the Students’ Affairs Office- Division of  Life Tutorship,  Division of Extracurricular Activities Guidance,  Division of Athletics and Health Care,  Center of Student Counseling, Division of Aboriginal Affairs, Committee of Gender Equality Education and Office of Military Training. The Dean of Students Affairs(Dr. Chen Weng-Ping) is the supervisor. The Responsibilities and Characteristics of the Divisions as follows:

1. Division of Life Tutorship

The Division assists the  students  in  raising  good  life   habits,   cultivating   noble   character, maintaining campus security and student safety.

 2. Division of Extracurricular Activities Guidance

It directs the student association and student clubs to function well. Besides, it handles the business of all kinds of scholarship applications.

 3. Division of Athletics and Health Care

It provides an initial medical care, implements first aids and the cardiopulmonary recovery training. Also, it is responsible for freshmen’s body examination and various kinds of health activities, such as weight reduction class, how to diet healthily and safely and so on. Moreover, it trains students to gain strong bodies and good athletic skills. It also cultivates noble sportsmanship and good personality development.

 4. Center of Student Counseling(Director- Pan Mei-Ling)

The Center of Student Counseling is to assist students in  understanding  and developing themselves. Besides, the center helps students find solutions to their problems of   psychology, life, studies, love, career, and interpersonal communication, etc.

 5. Division of Aboriginal Affairs

1.  1. Acting in accordance regional industry features so as to cultivate aboriginal talents of  special skills. Strengthening aboriginal professional skills training

2.  2. Enhancing employability of aboriginal students

3.  3. Setting up the related aboriginal student associations

4.  4. Carrying on with the related activities of aboriginal life career and planning

5.  5. Starting the related courses about aboriginal traditional culture

6.  6. Building and maintaining the websites of aboriginal technical and vocational education

7.  7. Life counseling for aboriginal people

 6. Committee of Gender Equality Education

1.  1. Drawing out the implementation of plans regarding gender equality education

2.  2. Planning and carrying on with the related activities of gender equality education

3.  3.Planning  and  promotion  of  courses,  teaching  and  evaluation  regarding  gender  equality education

4.  4. Elaborating regulations of gender equality education and those of campus sexual  abuse and sexual harassment

5.  5. Investigation and handling of the related cases concerning gender equality education

6.  6. Planning and Constructing a safe campus space of gender equality

 7. Office of Military Training(Dong Li-De in Charge)

1.  1. Dealing with affairs of military education

2.  2. Taking responsibility of being on duty of campus security and bulletin

3.  3. Handling of other temporary assigned affairs






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