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                 Office of Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs is functional for several teaching units with academic supports in the campus. It is committed to developing holistic education, establishing special features including enhancing the application of network in administration, humanization of teaching service, modernization of teaching equipment, plurality of recruitment channels and providing necessary assistances to the local government’s policy in developing sightseeing industry for Eastern Taiwan. The Office of Academic Affairs was organized in accordance with the Organization Regulation of Dahan Institute of Technology which consists of day and night schools and holiday school as well. The Dean supervises all the academic-related affairs with a view to activating the potentials of students, promoting teaching excellence of the faculty members, establishing academic freedom and providing amiable research environment.

In 2020, the Office of the Administration was reorganized into two functional sections as Registration & Curriculum Section and Recruitment Section, each comprising a Section Chief and staff members.

The functions of the Sections are described in more details as follows:

Registration & Curriculum Section:

Registration & Curriculum Section is responsible for all the affairs pertaining to registration of students, datum implementation of yearly work plan, student name listings and regular or special statements. It is also responsible for all the affairs related to student curricula, such as course requirements regarding graduation of students, faculty teaching skill promotion etc. All the information related to the Section can be found on the website.

Recruitment Section:

Recruitment Section is responsible for the affairs related to students’ recruitment including enhancing recruitment strategy, designing recruitment posters, briefing of the academic departments, and arranging recruitment presentation etc.





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