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The Secretariat is currently staffed with two members- chief secretary (Jian Li-Kai), secretary (Miss. Dong Syue-Fang) whose main jobs are listed as follows:

1. Reviewing and drafting of official documents.

2. Promotion of long-term and middle-term institute affairs programs.

3. Coordination of the institute affairs meeting and its relevant operation.

4. To help the board of directors and president in building and checking effectiveness of internal control system.

5. To provide immediate and in-time suggestions of improvement to make secure the smoothing of internal audit system.

6. Preparation for the evaluation of the Ministry of Education.

7. Documentation of the major events of the institute and press release of these major events.

8. Preparation of institute festivals.

9. Affairs related to cross-strait cultural communication.

10. Preparatory works pertaining to the construction of Taichung Division

 11. Coordination with the several administrative units of the institute.

12. Control and evaluation of the implementation of major meeting decision.

13. Processing of the Chinese and English missives pertaining to the president.

14. Scheduling of itinerary of the president and reception of the foreign guests.

15. Maintenance of school history room and conference rooms.

The chief places great emphasis upon the communication of opinions between the institute and the teachers, the student and their parents. Should you have any suggestion about the school, please contact us at your convenience. We shall be delighted to be at your service.




Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C