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                 President,s Office


 The Dahan Institute of Technology, previously named “Dahan Junior College of Engineering and Business” was founded on June 1977. The first Board of Directors was formally set up the same year that Mr. Lin, Chao-Gan was named as the board chairman and Professor Bee, Lain-Chung was elected as the first president.  

In the year of 1983, the structure of Board of Directors was broadened, and Mr. Lin, Kun-Chung was assigned as the Chairman, Mr. Chen-Gin as the acting president.

In the academic year of 1989, supported by the Ministry of Education, Professor Hung, Dan-Ming was named as the acting president, and the next year, Lin, Sun-Ping was formally assigned as the president.

After receiving recognition by the Ministry of Education, on 3 Oct., 1993, Mr. Liao, Ji-Cheng formally took over the Board Chairman, and Dr. Louis K. Chang was invited to be the president.

On August 1st 1999, agreed by the Ministry of Education, our school formally was reorganized into the “Dahan Institute of Technology”.

At the end of July, 2008, Professor Kang retired, and Professor Song, Pey-Shiuan served as the president until now.

The distinguishing characteristics of our technical vocational education were to combine industrial and social demands, to instruct students how to work both in hands and brain, and to raise them to be future managerial talents, with healthy body and minds, well versed in business morals, professional ethics, and professionalism. The competence-based education, zealously promoted by our school through some scrutinized and scientific process of analyses yielding course standards, enabled our students to obtain their specialties. In the meanwhile, the students’ learning experiences and individual differences, acquired in such an educational process, would be optimized so that they could learn happily and obtain the licenses for the future competitions.




Address:  No.1, Shuren St., Dahan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualien County, R.O.C